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The sway bar (sometimes called anti roll bar) connects the left and right suspension to the front subframe. corporate video production There are bushings on the middle and ends (end links). Your VW TDI only has a sway bar in the front,Guest Posting there is no sway bar in the rear because it's a torsion beam suspension. A sway bar reduces car lean during cornering by effectively connecting the left and right springs/suspension. Unbalancing the front and rear lean will change how the car understeers or oversteers. Some understeer is desirable to maintain stability.   The procedure is the same for all mk4 a4 body cars. The sway bar is connected to the lower control arms by the endlinks and resists body tilting during turns. VW/Audi sway bar bushings tend to get worn out fairly quickly. The endlinks last much longer. Symptoms of a bad sway bar bushing include a deep/hollow clunking noise in the front when you hit shallow holes or bumps. Check for play in the sway bar bushings since the bushing's hole gets enlarged with wear. Below is the bracket and a new and old bushing. I prefer "rubber" sway bar bushings. Poly or urethane sway bar bushings are generally harder and last longer but may squeak and make noise.   Different bushings and brackets over the years Early TDI may have used 19mm diameter sway bars. Later used 21mm sway bars. Still others used 23mm sway bars. There's no way to tell if you have a 21 or 23mm sway bar so the only way to check is to get out a caliper and check. Early TDI had a different bushing bracket, if you have the early bracket without the rib down the middle, also get a replacement bracket to match your replacement bushing.   Sway bar endlink info There were 3 types of sway bar endlinks: metal, plastic with 16mm bolt, and plastic with attached allen bolt. Although the metal one is slightly different from the plastic, they are interchangeable as long as you replace them as a pair. There are aftermarket thicker and adjustable endlinks available but you'd be better off with thicker sway bars and other suspension modifications first. Parts for sway bar bushing replacement   2 sway bar bushings, one each side - make sure to check which diameter sway bar you have! There is no way to check by the VIN, you have to measure it. There is also some confusion on the part numbers, the part number ending in "T" appears to be 23mm but comes up as 21mm on some websites. Apart from cooling and monitoring the Nintendo wii,Guest Posting the wii sensor bar also provides some of the features like it helps to upgrade the slots that is available for different type of controller connection. When you are connected with the wii sensor bar then the wii sensor control will function in a similar manner when they are connected with the wii. All of the products of the wii sensor bar that are available functions same with the other accessories like the wii accessories which can be different peripheral device that are designed to enhance the experience of the console owner. The sensor bar is compatible with all the versions of the Nintendo wii series. There are different types of products that can be connected with the console and some of the devices that can be connected with the wii sensor bar are headsets and some other peripheral devices like foot pedal etc that can be used for a more complete immersion of the game titles purchase of players. The sensor bars are available in the market in different design and also with different connectivity option. The wii sensor bar is one of the essential tool that can be used for competitive as well as with Nintendo wii gamers. Most of the wii sensor bar that are available come in compact design which allow certain degree of control over other types of accessories like the fans and controllers. The total amount of accessories that you can connect with the single sensor bar is generally dependent on the model of the sensor bar that you are using.

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