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The COVID-19 Masking Mosaic!
The people on Planet Earth have been wearing masks for two years, or they have been forced to wear that in view of the COVID-19 virus that appears to be extremely resistant to aid in the long-awaited unveiling of Homo sapiens. There have been varying degrees of protests or complaints , or perceived-hazards associated with wearing masks for a long time. In a way the citizens are showing signs of an acute mask-fatigue which is actually very unfair to even hint at in view of the pandemic-fatigue experienced by the tirelessly working medical fraternity-particularly during the peak periods like the disastrous Second Wave in India. However, the viewpoint of the public is not something to be dismissed as it is real, with in some instances the mask-fatigue is causing massive protest marches/uprisings in the US or in certain European countries such as Germany. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to examine the reasons behind it while sure enough protecting our mask-sincerity in place. Visit:- Heavy R All around us we've been familiar with people concealing themselves in the most unusual ways (some have loosened it up a bit to ensure that the nose is evidently visible, as if the wearer has only now realized the importance of this organ so regards inhaling oxygen or exhaling nitrogen is concerned; Some are still more bold, sporting it as an ornament that is hung below their chins. Some even the more daring keep it in their purses or pockets and wearing it when the law-enforcement authorities appear; similarly to this class, many others wear the same as they enter shopping centers or similar locations where a "no mask, No Entry the signboard is prominently displayed and the moment they are in, they immediately announce to the vendors that they have the masks, no issues (in fact the mostly people who are wearing masks, shopkeepers or vendors do not need to just smile toward them. Instead, they should ask, 'if you've got it, why don't wear? '). The elderly citizens have not been complaining as much as they recognize that they are the most susceptible group of people to be infected. However, vaccination in the full required doses makes them more daring in complaining if not in not abandoning the masks entirely. They usually refer to doctors (we're not certain if they were real or not) informing them not to wear masks while taking the morning or evening walk as it may adversely affect the breathing process. But many elders including myself have not felt any discomfort when walking while wearing the masks. So, some of them do not wear it , but others demonstrate other types of wearing, like keeping the nose out or wearing it as a necklace. The males of the young age group happens to be the prime example of people who have a habit of wearing masks with absolute disdain, particularly after having been vaccinated. The basic desire to impress the fairer opposites is a significant factor due to the fact that with their faces covered, they cannot even afford to showcase their beautiful features and other "fascinating" activities or behaviours. Their 'chivalrous', brave display is widely displayed on the streets, in the market, in parks or at the playgrounds and while riding the 'brave-heart racing bikes, which puts other lives in danger of being hit but also of propagating the illness. They are considered to be the future of our country but they fail to recognize their responsibility to all in families or the others outside or within. The female population of young women was extremely interested, from the beginning of the pandemic age in wearing masks with many of them constantly searching for masks that fit their clothes flawlessly or actively engaging in the largest pandemic-related industry of mask-making. As in other instances, their passions changed slowly and gradually with mask-fatigue, which was influenced by similar desire to display their beautiful face with all cosmetics such as lipstick that were greatly affected by the persistent pandemic. They have ceased wearing the masks, and not even following the unique styles of wear as all of these would impact their beauty in various degrees, and handicap them from creating the impression they want to make all over. There's a vital mask-fatigue causing factor that impacts all of the communities mentioned which is the prolonged summer because of global warming, which causes sweat accumulation inside the masks. This causes it to become extremely uncomfortable to wear it continuously. Why not take more than one mask with your, take it off when unbearable, wipe you face clean with a handkerchief and then wear the other mask; we rebut. There are huge quantities of economically affordable masks available in the marketplace. Besides, the sweat-factor also is present when you are out and about in a hurry and clogging the the metro trains, flights or buses, or even the market, such as it was the Durga Puja festival , the 'eat only devotees' were swarming the fronts of restaurants with a large number of tables within India. Indian city of Kolkata in particular waiting for hours in late at night, and of course, not paying attention to their masks due unstoppable sweating, or the fact the fact that they'd have to remove it off anyway once getting inside for a meal. There's a consensus regarding this issue that you should not consume food with masks. Authorities or the government have been in the act of making wearing masks mandatory at all times and some even imposing sanctions for breaking the rules. Authorities also monitor mask-related behavior and instruct that people not wear masks beneath the nose or in necklaces'. Unfortunately, the inhabitants on Planet Earth feel that 'enough is enough' and that the "unmasking process" must be ushered in through hooks or crooks. For instance, in India due to the Diwali celebration coming up, the'mask-fatigue' could actually bring another high of the pandemic , thereby reversing the unmasking process completely, God forbid. States of India have a strict ban on fireworks during Diwali celebrations, however they allow "green crackers," the lack of their definition, which causes the usual polluted air and crowds with undaunted 'fire-power such as the one seen this year. We must conclude with a disclaimer that there is no intention to generalize in this piece. In fact, a huge part of the population adheres to norms such as wearing a mask with a great deal of conviction as do people in the various communities discussed here. The only concern is that in the rising number of"unmasked Covidiots" all over the world who put people who adhere to the norms at risk. In order to be serious in the end there is a medical fact that vaccine jabs can't ensure complete immunity from infections, but only reduce the serious type of the disease and the need for hospitalization, but those who suffer from multiple diseases and a low level of immunity are still at high danger, and youngsters risk their lives by carrying the virus and transmitting the virus. Chinmay Chakravarty is a professional who is a specialist in the field of creative with over two years of experience in journalism, writing, media coordination and film script writing dubbing films, film and video production, management of international film festivals and editing journals and books. Expert in the provision of professional assistance in these fields. As an officer with the Indian Information Service and superannuated from the post of Director Press Information Bureau, Kolkata in Novemberof 2019. Published his first solo book "Laugh and Let Laugh' in 2017 and his sequel The Cheerless Chauffeur and Other Tales 2021.

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