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Hindustan Times News Mobile App – Review
Everything is merging to a single element the mobile Phones! Web browsing, email, document viewing, and more have been incorporated into so many features that one doesn't even count them as a premium feature now. With the ever-growing field of possibilities you can do on your mobile and tablet, we bring you this useful application that will add more value to the phone. It is the Hindustan Times Mobile Application (titled mPaper) is a simple app that you can download to your phone's mobile and delivers the latest news to you on the move! I've been using the application for about a month since it was released and has undergone an upgrade that further improves the usability and performance. It is customizable as per your preferences and you can choose from an array of sections which in turn can be customized into categories you want to see on the app's homepage. The categories available are - news entertainment, news & lifestyle and columns & blogs and education. I've chosen the most popular section for review here - The News Section. The app separates news items into tabs that include headlines, national news, world news sports, city-specific (Delhi & Mumbai) and business. It is possible to select the categories you'd like to receive new content on. Asian Model Cam Asian Model Cams Asian Model Cams Asian Model Cams Asian Cam Girls ford delovi The news story updates are relatively frequent, which makes the content extremely fresh. You can choose to clicking on a story which you would like to know more about, that will open the story in full. The app also has an information ticker to the top of the screen that highlights important and most recent headlines in the news. Furthermore, you can let your app run in the background. You will also have a scrolling ticker on the phone's home screen with the latest news. Although the app has undergone an upgrade and is far superior to its predecessor, it has some bugs that need focus to resolve. To start , though the news is reasonably fresh however, it is not up to real time breaking news stories accessible on mobile-friendly websites of the top news organizations. The news ticker in particular must be updated more often to have any relevance on you home screens. Besides, the app if kept running in the background for automatic updates of your news feeds, uses up a large portion of your battery backup and exhausts it at a greater rate. For the app to be useful for auto retrieval and a home screen ticker, it needs to concentrate on making it more efficient in terms of battery consumption. And last, a little more aesthetic appeal would help the otherwise valuable and creative product. I'd rate the app at 2.5/5 in its design - it's an app worth a try. Write A Programming is a tech blog that provides opinions, views, and news and views on mobiles computers, gadgets and the latest technologies and news.

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